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wow [Thursday 26th ]
so...its been forever since i've written in this thing. lets see if i can give a brief overview of what has happened in my life.

-I can't remember what happened for most of this so heres the basic breakdown.
-i got into college. I'm going UMass Lowell in the fall for SRT. i'm really excited.
-i work my ass off at 3 jobs...nothing new but hey its money right?
-i have an amazing girlfriend whom i love dearly. we've known each other for so long but, me being a guy, i didn't realize that i had a chance for soooo long. i'm an idiot. nough said.
-i think thats really it for the highlights.

I'm happy. i figure thats a huge improvement over last time. Thanx.

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[Friday 26th ]
[ mood | tired ]


[40] Felt It Do You Feel The Music

[Wednesday 24th ]
[3] Felt It Do You Feel The Music

Hi [Wednesday 24th ]
[ mood | eh fuck you all ]

I got a new LJ cause i felt like and stuff like that. i'm pretty sure that i'm going to make this friends only so please comment to be added. Not much has been happening, except everyones been breaking up. Its kinda depressing. Butg w/e. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. An anorexics worse nightmare, a day where everyone eats a shitload. Two lacrosse games on sunday. I'm gonna be wiped. I'll update again later.

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